Lemon Water

img_9592-5January 1st, 2017. A new chapter. First words on the page, lemon water.

lemon water: supports the immune system, balances PH Levels, aids digestion, helps with weight loss, clears skin, increases energy AND freshens your breath

This year begins, as most do, with an effort to conjure up and carry forth the very best version of my self. In my mind, this self is coached by the fully realized me, shouting encouragement from the future. Things like “How do you think I lost 20 pounds? Why do you think I have abundant energy, glowing skin and basically look like a super model? It’s because I eat really healthfully and exercise. Make smart choices Annie! Drink Lemon Water!”

Here we go again. Will it be different this year? Will I desperately grasp on to some super strict diet plan only to lose the 20 pounds and gain it back + more?  Hell no. This year there are Ten Commandments!

  1. I will pay attention to the actual needs of my body.
  2. I will drink 80 oz of water a day.
  3. I will only eat when I am hungry.
  4. I will not deprive myself of any food, but I will practice some serious portion control.
  5. I will create a food plan for each week.
  6. I will walk at least 20 minutes every day.
  7. I will not bury my feelings in chocolatey tombs, I will express them!
  8. I will not allow past failures to derail me.
  9. I will believe wholeheartedly that I will succeed.
  10. I will do this for me.


David Wolfe on the incredible benefits of drinking lemon water

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